Bob Johnk

Bob is the owner and co-founder of Tricorne Audio, Inc.  Bob began his career in AV by completing his degree in electronics from MHD Technical College where he also received his FCC First Class Broadcasting License.  Upon graduating Bob went to work at WDAY as an audio engineer.  From WDAY Bob went to work at Sound Inc., the regional Altec Lansing dealer in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Bob quickly moved from entry level technician to lead technician and sound system installer. In 1990 he and Alan Nathan formed Tricorne Audio, Inc.  Soon after Tricorne became the regional Rauland-Borg distributor and Tricorne started setting a new standard in sound system design partnering with Electro-Voice.  Bob learned AcousticCADD and by the mid 1990’s he had become the area’s expert on computer aided sound system design.  Over the years Bob has continued to grow his passion for electronics earning several certifications from Rauland, Biamp, Lectrosonics, and URC.  While Bob spends less time in the field than he did in his early days, he still has a dedication for electronics and providing the very best solutions for his clientele.



Dallas Anderson

Dallas began his career in sound at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN.  While working on his degree in Chemistry he worked full time at the Sound Services shop on campus.  Under the tutelage of Tim Tommerson,  Dallas’s passion for sound continued to grow.  Upon graduation he toured with several professional productions but found he preferred to be home on weekends.  After working part time with Tricorne Audio between tours Dallas came on staff full time in May of 1999.  Dallas started working as a lead installer primarily focused on sound system installation. Within two years he developed into a lead system designer and programmer.  He quickly become proficient in EASE acoustical modeling and has since designed over 300 systems using EASE.  Dallas has continued his development over the years by attending Syn-Aud-Con seminars, receiving his Extron AV Associates certification and several DSP certifications from various manufacturers.  He is one of only two Renkus-Heinz Iconyx certified technicians in ND.  Dallas also has several years’ experience in video projection and recording system design to his credit.  Today Dallas manages the Bismarck office but still maintains his role as lead audio designer for the company, a passion he insists will never go away.


Phil Nelson

Phil is the most recent addition to our design and sales team.  He comes to us from Concordia College where he was the Director of Sound Services.  Prior to that Phil worked as an installer with Tricorne Audio.  Phil’s extensive experience in live sound reinforcement and knowledge of audio/video streaming have already proven valuable to the Tricorne Audio team and more importantly our customers.  Phil worked in sound services at Concordia while earning his degree in biology, however, his passion for technology led him to a career in the AV field.  In his free time he enjoys woodworking, craft beer brewing and keeping up with the latest technological gadgets and gizmos.  Phil is based in our Fargo office and is ready to assist you in finding the right solution for your project.