First International Bank – Bismarck, ND

Situation:  One component of the new bank construction consisted of a corporate meeting/training space.  This room provided flexible seating options for up to 40 people, beautiful views of the ND State Capital and rich wood paneling.  Unfortunately, all these hard surfaces, including a gypsum ceiling also created a room with many echoes and higher than desired reverb time, which in turn, led to poor audio quality for the far side during audio/video conferencing and noise distractions within the room locally.

Solution:  Tricorne Audio provided an in-depth review of the space and located multiple locations (both wall and ceiling) where acoustical panels could be installed to absorb much of the reverberation and minimize the echoes.  Careful consideration was given to the aesthetics being a newly constructed meeting space, traditional foam panels or funky shaped diffusers were not considered acceptable options.  With over 80 color choices Tricorne provided options from the MBI Colorsonix line of acoustical treatments.  The end result was significantly improved audio quality for the far side and reduced distractions within the room.

“The sound is definitely way better with the sound panels.  I can’t believe the difference they made.  And the panels look fantastic by the way.  Don’t even notice them, they just look like they are part of the room and belong there.“ – Shannon Hammeren, First International Bank – Bismarck