Tricorne Audio brings over 30 years of professional sound system design to your project.  Computer aided sound system design began in the early 1990’s and Tricorne has continued to be a regional leader in computer modeling.  EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) has become the industry standard for excellence in sound system design and Tricorne uses the latest version and does all of our designs in house.  This means that your project will not be tied to a specific manufacturer, but will be designed using the best speakers from a variety of manufacturers.  In addition to excellent speaker design, our staff is certified in the latest digital signal processing (DSP) applications.  Certification means we have the factory training and the field experience to program and set-up your system to perform its absolute best.  We utilize Smaart software and SIA-Acoustic Tools to provide the most accurate measurements and analysis available.  Professional sound systems were the founding roots of Tricorne Audio and that tradition continues today as we believe every system, not matter how small or large is equally important to whoever may be listening.