Tricorne Audio has been your local source for acoustical analysis and recommendations for the past 20+ years. Combining the measured results of Smaart 7.0 acoustical measurement with the predictability of EASE (Enhanced Acoustical Software for Engineers) computer modeling we can offer solutions that are effective, proper and appealing. We have helped numerous school gymnasiums; hockey arenas and sports complexes lower their reverberation times and improve their sound system quality. We also have worked with church sanctuaries and fellowship spaces to tailor the acoustics for the type of service and function of the room. Acoustics can also be treated using building materials such as pew pads, carpet and structural modifications.

With the increase of audio and video conferencing systems the effective deployment of acoustical treatment in meeting spaces is also on the rise.  Many of today’s modern conference spaces were designed with visual appeal but little consideration for acoustics.  This leads to poor audio quality for conference calls.  Whether your space is existing or if you are planning a new space from the ground up, we can help you select the most appropriate and aesthetic solutions for your meeting spaces.

If you have a new construction project, or an existing room that needs acoustical help, please contact us for a free consultation.

Feature Projects

First International Bank – Bismarck, ND
Scheels Arena – Fargo, ND